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Tesla rojo

Your Tesla and EV Repair Partner  

Affordable, Quick, and Easy

Welcome to EV Garage, Miami's premier destination for expert electric vehicle care. 

We offer precise diagnostics using Tesla Proprietary Software alongside cutting-edge EV software, guaranteeing the highest standard of care for your electric vehicle.

Where excellence meets efficiency in electric vehicle servicing.

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We are 
Tesla Experts 


Our Services

Our Tesla and EV-trained technicians bring over 20 years of experience in the high-end automotive industry. 

This extensive background ensures excellent customer service, providing the confidence and quality you and your electric vehicle deserve. 

EV Maintenance and Repair

From expert AC servicing to ensuring smooth drives through precise alignment adjustments, we've got you covered.  

EV Charging Infrastructure 

The charging stations provided by EV Garage are equipped with advanced technology and robust charging capabilities.

EV Protection and Service

The ultimate solution for EV protection and repair services. From battery maintenance to software updates, ensuring your EV performs at its best!

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