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Miami’s Premier 

Electric Vehicle Garage

We are a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to meet all the needs related to electric vehicles. Our focus is oriented on the owners of these vehicles, offering solutions that cover everything from charging infrastructure to electric fleet sales, conversions, and maintenance. 

At EV Garage, we are qualified to service Tesla vehicles, electric commercial fleets, and vehicles belonging to classes 3 to 8. 

Our goal is to make life easier for our customers, offering full coverage services, that allow them to enjoy electric mobility with total confidence and ease. 

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We are 
Tesla Experts


Our Services

Our team of certified electric vehicle technicians has more than 20 years of experience in the high-end automotive industry. 

This extensive background ensures excellent customer service, providing the confidence and quality that you and your electric vehicle deserve. 

Maintenance and Repair

From routine maintenance to any kind of issues, we have you covered.

Charging Infraestructure 

The charging stations provided by EV Garage are equipped with advanced technology and robust charging capabilities, enabling rapid charging speeds and efficient power delivery.


Want to stand out from the crowd? 

Show your personality through your vehicle. Upgrade with unique and high-quality accessories.


EV Garage partners with certified suppliers to provide maintenance and repair for all types of commercial fleets. 

We have the infrastructure in order to provide different types of services to ensure that drivers, fleet managers, and operators have the support they need for the optimal performance of their units. 

New Vehicles

Upgrade your business fleet to new commercial electric vehicles and enjoy sustainable, cost-effective transportation solutions. 


We specialize in seamless conversions from traditional combustion engines to electric vehicles. Our qualified technicians have the expertise to covert your car into a environmentally friendly electric vehicle (EV).

Fleet Management

Our comprehensive fleet management solution offers real-time monitoring, maintenance, and analytics to keep your fleet running smoothly.


Power up your business with our high-performance commercial electric car fleet chargers, designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver fast, reliable

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