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Warranty and Liability information for EV Miami Garage LLC  
This warranty is effective starting February 2024

Our services and repairs have a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty on parts and labor performed at our service centers for workmanship or part failure within that time. Outside influences such as damage to parts, added modifications to the vehicle, misuse and/or racing use, and accident damage among others, that cause premature failure of components, will not be covered under this warranty.

Suspension Work performed
Repairs on suspension components will cause changes in alignment and vehicle behavior. Additional labor could apply when replacing suspension components for aftermarket suspension or replacement parts. We are not liable for premature tire wear on suspension components that alter alignment to a degree that cannot be adjusted back to specifications from the manufacturer. 

Please refer to the specific suspension component supplier and installation for Warranty information. Typically, a warranty applies to components but not labor for replacing such components.

Brake Modifications
We assume no responsibility for damages incurred by installing/replacing brakes with aftermarket components such as pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, etc. Manufacturer-specific components are warranted for one year/12,000 miles.

Tires supplied by the customer
If a tire is supplied by the customer, we are not liable for any damage or thread wear warranty that a particular manufacturer might offer. We do not know the previous condition of the tire, storage conditions, or defects, among others, that might cause premature wear or failure of such tire.

If an exchange or replacement is requested by the customer and approved by the tire manufacturer, the customer is responsible for all labor costs associated with replacing that tire.

Used Parts Warranty
Used parts provided by EV Miami Garage LLC have a 60-day limited warranty on parts and labor, granted no outside influence caused the failure of such parts.

Used parts provided by the customer have a 30-day limited warranty on labor if such part needs replacement due to installation issues. We are not liable for part or labor if replacement is required due to part failure.

Remanufactured or Refurbished Parts Warranty  
6 months/5,000 miles limited warranty on parts failure and workmanship issues. Outside influences such as accidents, misuse, removal, and modification of such components will void the warranty at any given time.

New Parts Warranty  
1 year/12,000 miles limited warranty on parts failure and workmanship issues. Outside influences such as accidents, misuse, removal, and modification of such components will void the warranty at any given time.

Tire wear and warranty
Uneven tire wear from worn suspension components will not be covered by the tread wear warranty. If a repair/service/replacement is recommended and not performed, causing premature wear or failure of a tire, said tire(s) will not be covered on the wear/defect warranty.

When replacing tires, and alignment is recommended, but not performed, said tire(s) will not be covered under the limited liability warranty due to outside influence causing the tire to wear/fail prematurely.

Alignment And Balancing Services
Alignment And Balancing Services will only be warranted for 48 hours or 50 miles. This is because customers have different driving styles and/or can drive on different road conditions that can affect those adjustments prematurely. In case suspension and/or steering components need to be replaced, the warranty will start when all recommended repairs are completed. We will test drive every vehicle after these services to verify that the vehicle is operating within manufacturer specs.

Aftermarket Add-ons
When aftermarket components are being installed in the vehicle, such as lighting, trims, spoilers, decals, body kits, caliper covers, steering wheels, additional screens, etc., please follow warranty instructions for such items being installed. Typically, they offer a 1-year warranty, but not the labor for replacing such components. EV Miami Garage is not responsible for warranty claims and reimbursements for such components and installations.

Customers will be responsible for any vehicle modification request to their vehicle that may or may not change the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheels and Tire Installation
EV Miami Garage LLC is not responsible for the proper fitment of wheels and tires brought by the customer. EV Miami Garage LLC is not responsible for balancing and drivability issues by tires and wheels provided by the customer. Labor for mounting and balancing tires will be the customer’s responsibility.

EV Miami Garage LLC will offer a 1yr/12,000 miles limited liability warranty on wheels and tires purchased and installed with EV Miami Garage LLC, due to product defect and/or poor workmanship. Outside influence will not be covered under our limited liability warranty for wheel and/or tire replacement such as dents, scratches, acid washes, modifications, accidents, etc.
Excessive wear is not covered by the warranty. 

Other Service Warranty Exclusions
The cost of refrigerant and recharging of the air conditioning system is not included with the warranty on air conditioner parts or air conditioner compressors. The cost of additional brake system components, including rotors and drums and/or labor to restore the Brake System to its safe proper operation, is not included with the warranty on the brake system and all other hardware. 

This warranty covers only the original purchaser of the installed parts and/or services.

If you’ve purchased a passenger or light truck tire bearing one of the following brands, visit the applicable website or dial the customer service number for complete information on your warranty.